Frequently asked questions

You will be included here on the contact list of members, which provides (if you desire) your phone number, mailing address, email address, and website address. You will be listed in the search engine, which indicates what kind of work you do (there is also a printed version available). If you don't have a website, we can help you build a basic one.

Musician Membership is limited to those who do solo work, as well as to those who would like to do some solo work. Anyone else-- such as an agent or a bandleader-- who would like to be listed in our "links" section can apply to be an Associate member. Musician and Associate Memberships are $10 each calendar year. Please print out the membership application, fill it out and send it with a check for $10 made out to Solo Musician Network. Mail to: Jim Laurie, Treasurer, 7398 Wheeler Street, Philadelphia, PA 19153

We will gladly put in a free link to your website. We can also help you create a page of your own (Musicians' costs may vary).

MNo. We do not do many of the things that a Union does, such as set pay scale or arbitrate disputes. We do provide many services, however, such as setting up equipment demos or even workshops. And we are currently looking into health and liability insurance.

No, but a lot of booking gets accomplished! We often pass jobs around for no fee. Several booking agents are members, as well.

Feel free to email any of the members directly. Be sure to reference the Solo Musician Network in your subject line.

a) First of all, feel free to use all the information, articles and links available here.

b) If you have an organization already or would like to start a similar organization to link with us, we'd be glad to help. We could easily add a separate list for people and related info in New York or any other city, for instance. We would love to see similar groups around the country, and we are happy to help you start one.